Don’t give up on your dreams

Don’t give up on your dreams, as mine has finally turned into reality with the opening of my day spa, Seclusion Spa.

It’s been a long road to get here, but seeing my vision become reality has been exciting, nerve wracking and satisfying.

My road into the beauty industry wasn’t exactly straight as I started off studying dental technology at Queens University, Belfast and then travelled to Boston USA to work with a dentist there. The perks of the job meant that the staff were given a massage every second week and a facial once a month. This started my love affair with beauty treatments and when I returned to Ireland after 4 years I retrained with an idea in mind!

I worked as an account manager for a hotel, whilst I spent nights studying and raising my three children. Determination is my middle name, and I kept my goal in mind. Eventually I got my reward of opening and naming the Escape Spa at The Holyrood Hotel in Bundoran for Seanie McEniff.

Managing the Spa with the Leisure Centre for a few years gave me great experience and confidence to move onto opening my own salon. Unfortunately, it was bad timing as the recession hit and after just 2 years I had to close, chipping away at the self-esteem and pride. I had gained serious experience though, so everything is a learning curve.